I love having Kate as a collaborator on my website Romy & the Bunnies. Her drawings always reflect her big heart and her great positive energy. Kate's drawings are always extremely elegant with a softness and purity that fits perfectly the style of the site. — Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Founder, RomyandtheBunnies.com
Collaborations with Kate are amazing and fun experiences that end up boosting your brand identity in unexpected and delightfully meaningful ways. She has spot-on style and taste, and a passion for the creative process that reads in the final product. — Julia Chaplin, author, Gypset Travel and Gypset Style
The babe of branding — New York Observer
Working with Kate is like getting to call Wes Anderson for help. In addition to her superb taste and unerring eye for how to present something in an original way, she is also practical —she understands the structure all sexy ideas need to be presented to advantage, particularly on the web. This creativity and discipline is a very rare combination, particularly in someone so accessible and friendly — David Netto, Founder, David Netto Design
Clients develop a hipper image — Nylon Magazine
fun, smart, caring, stylish, connector…
creative thinker and problem solver
— Blake Mycoskie, CEO, Founder, Toms Shoes
Roving fashion insider — The Style Network
Kate is extremely fashionable and stylish — Zac Posen, Designer
Kate has long legs to carry her vision,
and a brain for business
— Nadine Johnson, Owner, Nadine Johnson & Associates Inc
Everything that Kate creates has meaning and care behind it; everything she touches turns into pure perfection, just like her heart — Demet Muftuoglu Eseli, Founder, Istanbul’74 and IST Festival
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